Cold winter days

It has been a cold, cold weekend. Heavy frosts and the need to curl up under a blanket to drink tea and eat spiced biscuits. We love the Winter as it marks the change of season; plants sleep and it makes us look forward to the Spring. But when the skies are grey, grey, grey...we wish that Spring would show us a bit of leg and let us know that she is truly on her way! 



Judy and the parrots 

We have been thinking about holidays today. It is cold and the sky is so grey it seems to blend into the buildings, like a cool, heavy, blanket.

We had a look at old holiday photos to cheer ourselves up and this one made me laugh the most. Judy looks so proud to have three birds posing on her arms, when all that I could think of was that they might poo on her and dig their claws in! 

I love Judy's shoes in this picture...we thought that they were red...I would love to have them now. We love Martin Parr's book about British holidays....made us remember the ones in Brighton before it became trendy! Click below for a link to the book.
The Last Resort


Today we go live

Grace in the Girl Guides
Today we have decided to go live with the blog. We were going to wait a while as we are still working out how to make the header better, use images as tabs (if anyone knows we would love a lesson!) But we could go on for months tweeking everything and still not joining the blogging world. So hello Bloggers! 

We wanted to post this picture of Grace in the Girl Guides. It encourages us that we can do anything if we put our mind to it, and that seemed to be the fitting message for this post today.
(Grace is on the far right, stood up...how smart she looks!)



Hello and welcome to With Grace & Judy. As 2011 gets under way we have taken a moment to think back to all of things that 2010 gave us. For me it was a chance to reflect on my past- all the experiences I have had (good and bad) and a chance to 'deal' with them ready to embrace 2011. 

So I have decided to start this little blog, to join the creative past to the present and my future!
We hope you enjoy With Grace And Judy and feel inspired by the things that we find for you. 

So without further ado, sit back, pull up a chair, have a nice cup of coffee and welcome to our first posting.