Converted psychiatric hospital chapel

I discovered this amazing project that a Dutch company worked on called Overtreders-W. They converted an old 14th century chapel, originally part of the psychiatric hospital, which is now part of the psychiatry museum. I just love it! The museum is called Het Dolhuys. 
The designers said that lots of the objects (like the modular light system) were designed with people with psychiatric problems in mind, as they got patients to make them. The light is made of wool felt and coloured panels. 
Even the institutional green wall paint seems to work here!
And I love the black lampshades...might inject some black into my own home. 
A great kid's hidey-hole!
I love the modular shelves and the blocks of felt on the wall. 
The photos were taken by Jorn Van Eck. This is a link to his website. Great work!

Back again

I imagine that there is no one reading this post except me! Oh well it can be my on-line diary. I have been away for a while working as a production manager on a feature film. It was my first big promotion and I loved it. Super hard work but I really care about the cast and crew that I work with, so that gives me lots of energy and enthusiasm to get up in the dark and do crazy hours in a field! 

This is the first released still from the film. You can read more about it here