Converted psychiatric hospital chapel

I discovered this amazing project that a Dutch company worked on called Overtreders-W. They converted an old 14th century chapel, originally part of the psychiatric hospital, which is now part of the psychiatry museum. I just love it! The museum is called Het Dolhuys. 
The designers said that lots of the objects (like the modular light system) were designed with people with psychiatric problems in mind, as they got patients to make them. The light is made of wool felt and coloured panels. 
Even the institutional green wall paint seems to work here!
And I love the black lampshades...might inject some black into my own home. 
A great kid's hidey-hole!
I love the modular shelves and the blocks of felt on the wall. 
The photos were taken by Jorn Van Eck. This is a link to his website. Great work!

Back again

I imagine that there is no one reading this post except me! Oh well it can be my on-line diary. I have been away for a while working as a production manager on a feature film. It was my first big promotion and I loved it. Super hard work but I really care about the cast and crew that I work with, so that gives me lots of energy and enthusiasm to get up in the dark and do crazy hours in a field! 

This is the first released still from the film. You can read more about it here


Railway lunch

Husbano and I cam across this railway carriage cafe next to a farm shop. It was such a surprise to come across it and we just made it in time for the last two plates of food so we had the place to ourselves.
As a little girl, one of my dreams was to live in a railway carriage with a pet grey owl...many years before Harry Potter!
Husbano always laughs at the fact that I love living in tiny spaces, from vans, to sheds, to cabins in the woods.
All of the window frames were made out of wood with tiny marks where the blinds would have been drawn. I liked to imagine elegant ladies taking their tea and crumpets while the train crossed the country to the coast.
I found this sign on the phone box by the railway carriage. It made me laugh! It seems that the old phone boxes really are disappearing. 


Amazing B and B

Husband and I decided to get away for a few days before I start on another feature film and will be away for 2 months. I was going to put us in a B and B in Fowey, Cornwall but there was no room as they had sailing events on. I then magically found this place a few miles away for the same price as a cheap b and b!

You had to walk over the bridge and babbling brooke to get into the floating house. 
It is an eco house which a 19 year old designed and then his family spent 2 years together building it. But what was even more amazing is that we found out that husband had worked with them before! So they came over one evening for a catch up, as our host was in fact the Aunt of the 19 year old designer!

We had a whole wing of the house to ourselves with bathroom, bedroom, living room and dining area! But the best bit was our own decking looking out into the woods.
Bedroom with a walk in closet.
They made all the fixtures and fittings as well!
Our lounge. 
Sliding doors into the rest of the house.
Their dining area.
View from the kitchen.
The cool kitchen island they made out of concrete for £70!!
And two happy cats who lounged about and looked into the fish pond. It felt like we were living in a Japanese temple. All the stresses went away and we floated home again.....and kind of want to keep this place a secret....but if you really want to know where it is leave me a comment and I will tell you. 


Barbara Hepworth Rocks!

A few weeks ago we went to St Ives to see the Barbara Hepworth exhibition which is held in her old studio. It is so fantastic to see her work in the space that it would have been created in.
You really felt as if she had just popped out for a cup of tea and would appear at any moment in her dust filled overalls.
My husband is not from an art background so I have to be very selective with what I take him to, as I don't want to put him off art, rather I want to get him excited by it. It is so interesting for me to hear his comments, as they aren't based in art theory or University training, just pure, gut reactions to pieces.
It was magically to hear him say that they were very much like Henry Moore sculptures which he is sure were inspired by the rock formations we had seen in The Peak district- a place where Henry Moore walked. How amazing is that! 
I quite liked the wire work, and it wasn't something that I was familiar with. In fact I would love to have a go at this medium for my own work.
We arrived with the smell of polish in the air. There were people up on ladders holding what looked like hairdryers, cleaning and polishing her work. 
We just loved the garden, which wasn't very big but she had made full use of it's size by creating pathways behind bushes etc which made you think that it was much bigger. I loved her little shed which I have read was her retreat.
Peering through the window it even had a little bed made up....just perfect!
Even her plants had rocks to keep them company that looked very much like her work....or something that had been collected from the beach. Truly inspiring.


Sorry I have been quiet

I have been quiet of late as I have been desperately looking for work. That should mean I have lots of time to blog, but my heart hasn't been in it. I have been worrying about money and the future. So here are some pics that I took over that time which looking back on them now, tell a story of how I was feeling. And funnily enough they look rather positive! I have just got a job (no money but a step up) producing my first music video...so hoping it will go well and lead to paid work. 
A delicious plate at FEAST in ilminster. The most fantastic vegetarian restaurant as seen on River Cottage. The cute white dog (above) is also from FEAST.
Lyme Regis bay with golden sand that was imported from France!
I love this hedge which is one a river walk near Lyme Regis.
A wonderful discovery! A cream tea on the tow path! Every English girl's dream!
Visting an elderly relative in Essex a family of ducks came into breakfast to say hello. 
Sushi and sweet smelling pinks. I love it. 


A delicious day

 Gorgeous coffee at the Pavilion cafe in Victoria Park near Mile End. I had a wonderful morning with one of our dear friends. As I was working on a shoot, I often don't get time to catch up with everyone when I am in town, so this was a real treat....and some of the best coffee I have tasted in London! 
 Look at the amazing breakfast. The choices were too good so I picked something that I wouldn't make at home...yummy!
The pavilion near by the cafe is breathtaking if you stand inside and look up. The salmon and turquoise I would have never thought of putting together but I absolutely love it! We felt like we had travelled to another land rather than East London!
All the poor narrow boats are being moved due to the Olympics. I know that there is divided feelings on the Olympics and I am on the side of 'wish it wasn't here'. All of theses people who have lived her for years I worry won't be allowed back to their moorings afterwards.
Before we left the park we noticed a strange thing sticking out of one of the trees...we debated that it might be poison darts from a strange East London tribe...or just mice practicing for the Olympic javelin contest! 


Despite the rain!

What a wet June we are having, but there are still signs of summer trying to poke their heads out. This flower caught our eye with its incredible display. I am sure it made a lot of bees very happy.
With the horrible weather we have been doing some baking to make ourselves feel better. There was a bit of the eggy filling left over in the jug, so an add of vanilla essence, some ginger powder and icing sugar....and a little bit of an experiment turned into....
 .....delicious rhubarb french tarts! I wonder what creativity this wet weather is creating!


The Isles of Scilly

We have been off on quite an adventure. We were heading to the Isles of Scilly for a family get together and were meant to be travelling on the ferry. When we got to Penzance to board there was a gale force 9 and the waves were crashing 15feet over the sea break. Stupidly we both took a sea sickness tablet thinking that we were going to sail. The boat was cancelled and we spent the rest of the day feeling like we were at sea...never going to take sea sickness tablets again!
The Isles of Scilly- St Mary's
So we had to drive to St Ives for the night (somewhere I have never been but liked it very much...will save that for another post). We managed to get a refund on the ferry ticket and there was a cancellation on the helicopter for the next day so we booked that instead!
View from the bedroom window
Loved the cover on one of the old books
The helicopter was great fun and arrived in the sunshine. The Isles of Scilly are so beautiful and really reminded me of the Outer Hebrides where I lived for a while. We were staying at my Dad's cousin's house (Helena) which belonged to her mother in law. Helena doesn't live in the house, she lives in the annex down the side and is an artist. The house was amazing and filled with old maps, a cast of a dolphin Helena's husband made, old books and the most incredible views out over an old battlement and the sea.
Helen's home and pottery
The amazing house that we stayed in. We had the whole place.
One of the days we travelled over to Tresco to see the famous gardens. As the climate is so mild on the Isles of Scilly you get plants from Africa and New Zealand flourishing. I think I got a little over enthusiastic with my camera though and wanted to take everything home with me!
Took a little boat over to Tresco

Ship wrecked goodies found in the waters we sailed over

The wooden women from the front of ship wrecks

Gorgeous vegetable garden

Some of the very friendly birds.

The tropical looking flowers at Tresco gardens