We love this man

Butch Anthony who runs the Museum of Wonder

We have tried to upload the video of him that we found on Etsy but we haven't been able to ...you can see it by clicking the link here.

The video is made by a guy called Eric. We tried to find out more information about Eric but we haven't been able to. If you know more please send it to us so that we can rave about him some more. 

You can read more about the Museum of Wonder here

We have a little crush on Butch! Watch the video and see the house that he built by hand...think it will make you have a crush on him as well.


Birthday break

Burgh Island in Devon
Sorry that we have been quiet. It has been a very busy time here as we are organising a film festival. (More on that in another post.) We wanted to tell you about the birthday trip away, that the youngest one of us had. She went off to the island of Burgh  with her husband. It is a funny little place off the South Devon coast and when the tide comes in it becomes and island. 
The area is so beautiful, so that where ever you stand you can see the coast line all around you. It was a bright but cold day and off season, so the beaches were pretty empty. 
You can walk to the island when the tide is out, but when the sea comes in (quickly!) then you can pay £2 and get on this sea tractor. We thought that it looked like one of Heath Robinson's contraptions.

There is a very posh hotel on the island, where us rif raf weren't allowed in. They even had the public footpaths removed so that you can't peak in the windows! Agatha Christie used to visit. We wanted to go in and take photos of the glass ceiling in the Peacock bar as we had seen it on the website....but we weren't allowed!
They even have a helicopter pad for the hotel! Very posh!
But the island we so beautiful that it didn't matter that we couldn't get into the hotel.
On the top of the island was a ruin that used to be a house for a monk and then later for a man who would look out for shoals of mackerel and shout when he saw them. They would carry in one million fish a day! Then they suddenly disappeared...sounds like the first record case of over fishing to us!
So we wandered around..husband kept his red hood up as it was so cold. They we went to the island pub for a drink but the tide started to come in so we had to make a dash for it...
...but not before we had looked at the only private home on the island. We fell in love with it.
...and the sweet shutters...
...with carvings of whales and dolphins on them.
It was worth getting wet for!


Beautiful art to help Japan

The work of Catkin and Teasel
We found this lovely work of the Australian graphic artist Eloise Rapp who has the blog Catkin and Teasel. You can see her blog here. All of the proceeds are going to Japanese Red Cross. They are $8 Australian dollars for a set of 6. You can buy them from her online shop here. We just love them, and it is fantastic seeing people put their talent to such a good cause...we are going to have to think of something to do as well. In the meantime here are the rest of the postcard set. 


It is one of our birthdays!

When she was tiny

We have been a little bad at blogging lately. The youngest one of us has a birthday today so she has been off roaming the countryside this weekend and being spoilt. (A post about that adventure to follow).

Years seem to fly by and you have to remind yourself of all the wonderful things that you have seen and been part of. Time stops for no man (or woman) and so this year on this special birthday (the first day of Spring no less!) we have decided to write a letter to ourselves 10 years into the future...

...what will we be 10 years from today? Where will we be in 2021? We have been thinking back to ourselves 10 years ago, and wondered what we would have said to reassure or guide our younger selves. 

So this time we have a creative chance to be a voice from the past to our future self....what would you tell yourself in 10 years time? We would love to hear what tips and wisdom you would like yourself to remember...


The signs are here

Simple beauty
The youngest one of us has been away teaching. On her travels she spotted this beautiful wall and waited until the next time she visited. All of the yellow flowers were just starting to open...the first flower fireworks of Spring.

So she took another picture...

And another...lost in their beauty.

It is important to take time to notice the little things in life.

Little things are there to make you smile in the middle of an ordinary day.

Some lovely friends came for dinner. They bought flowers with them...but we had run out of vases so we used the tea pot instead. We like it!

Are you noticing the signs of Spring near you? 

A give away via Kickcan and conkers

Win me!
Oooh La La! What a lovely give away. We found it via the lovely blog Kickcan and Conkers. You need to go to Kickcan and Conkers, leave a comment with your email address to be in for a chance to win. Click here to enter. The draw takes place on the 22nd of March at 6pm CET.

If you don't win you can buy one of the doll kits from the maker at Mikodesign. Click here for her shop. 

We hope we win! 


What a lovely day

What is your best day?
We feel slightly guilty with everything that is going on in Japan to say that we had a good day today...but you could really see the signs of spring everywhere.

We headed out to a farm in Somerset where they are opening a Yurt Retreat- an adult only camp site under canvas. Check them out here: www.TheYurtRetreat.co.uk (We took the photos for them!)

The sun was shining, we could hear a wood pecker hammering away in the woods and all of the buds on the trees were starting to show themselves....what a fine day we thought as we headed home...then we had a lovely surprise!

We have a follower! We are pleased as punch to welcome our first follower- the lovely Lizzie Powell who has the Pea Pod blog. Click here to see it. oooh...could the day get any better!? 


The powerful sea

Stornoway harbour
We have lived by the sea in the North, South and East of Britain. Seeing the horrific images of Japan live on the news makes as so, so sad. The sea is such a beautiful thing to live by and the thought that it holds so much power to take your life and home is just too horrific to imagine. We are thinking of everyone in Japan and everyone who has been affected by it. 


Trip to the sea side

We went on a little trip to the sea side the other day. It was a beautiful blue skied day, but cold and fresh. So with gloves, hats and scarfs wrapped around us we headed off to the beach in Dorset

The first time that we came to this beach we couldn't believe that it was England. The cliffs glow in the sunlight and are filled with fossils! The town West Bay is part of a World Heritage Site.

After our breeze walk we drove to Lyme Regis, but stopped at the Dorset Moores biscuit shop on the way. I just love the sign. 

I chose to buy these coffee sweets rather than biscuits from the Moores shop. That might seem strange, but I love coffee! Grace and Judy prefer tea. 

I just love the packaging!

So eating our goodies we went to Lyme Regis and visited the Town Mill Bakery. I was too excited by the cakes to take photos....only remembered after I had drunk my coffee and was about to tuck into this beautiful fairy cake! Yummy! So click here to see the Town Mill's own photos. 


A dear!

Oh dear we have been very quite haven't we! We didn't mean to be. Things just seemed to take up our time and before me knew it we were in March! 

So this is a promise that we will say hello more often...we have lots of things to tell you...but that will have to wait for now. (Oh what a tease!)

So for now here is a little photo to make you smile....

May all your days be magic