What a lovely day

What is your best day?
We feel slightly guilty with everything that is going on in Japan to say that we had a good day today...but you could really see the signs of spring everywhere.

We headed out to a farm in Somerset where they are opening a Yurt Retreat- an adult only camp site under canvas. Check them out here: www.TheYurtRetreat.co.uk (We took the photos for them!)

The sun was shining, we could hear a wood pecker hammering away in the woods and all of the buds on the trees were starting to show themselves....what a fine day we thought as we headed home...then we had a lovely surprise!

We have a follower! We are pleased as punch to welcome our first follower- the lovely Lizzie Powell who has the Pea Pod blog. Click here to see it. oooh...could the day get any better!? 


The Pea Pod said...

Aaarrr, thanks guys! I'm just chuffed to be no.1 of what I'm sure will be many, many more.

Keep up the good work...I'll be following your every move...not in the stalker kind of way you understand x

Kickcan and Conkers said...

And now you have number two :)
Thanks for all your lovely comments, I look forward to following and discovering more great finds.
Be happy - if there's one thing these terrible events should teach us it's to make the most of all we have and that includes a lovely spring day.

Grace and Judy said...

You are so right. Each day is a blessing. Sometimes it is hard to remember that, so it is good to remind each other. Have a lovely day with your family. x