Sorry we have been quiet

Oh dear we have been very bad at blogging this last month. The youngest one of us was off working as the picture editor of the New Statesman magazine for three issues and only got back a couple of days ago. She had quite a crazy time with all of the horrible London riots and the magazine had to be re-written several times because of it! 
For the next three days we are looking after this little puppy called Zorro. What a cutie, he is sat under the desk as we type and has been very good considering it is his first time away from home. 
We were lucky enough to have one of these beach huts for the day at a secret location in Dorset. It was a hot day (not like the wet ones that we have been having this year) and the place was deserted. We packed a few things for lunch and sat on the rocks watching the sail boats drift by. It really felt like Famous Five country. 
The view from the beach hut, just perfect.