Climbing a mountain

The youngest of us had always been a climber, first of kitchen stools, picnic tables, then trees, onto trapezes(!) and now mountains...she is an Aries and seems to be living up to her mountain sheep tendencies. This weekend she heads off to climb Ben  Nevis, which is the highest mountain in the UK. So this blog might be quiet for a little while until she comes back to up date it. She has blisters already from the training! Hope she makes it to the top.


We love this album

We love this album. It is made by a guy called Aaron Beckum who went to Vancouver Film School and now works as an assistant to our favourite artist Miranda July (we will write about her in another post). 

We have tried to load a sample of this for you to hear, but we haven't managed it...so if you click here you can hear the album and then download it. 

Strange things

What a lovely weekend we have had. We hope that you did too. The sun was shining the beach wasn't too busy and one of the youngest of us had a friend from Bristol come and stay with her two boys. Children really do show the passing of time. The oldest was now much taller than his mother aged 12 and was already displaying the teenage sulks! So lots of entertaining distraction was the order if the day. But we got distracted ourselves when we saw these pears sat on the pavement early in the morning. We wondered how on earth they had got there and how surreal they looked on an empty bright morning! We have had lots of fun thinking up their story...
This was the other thing that we were wondering about at the sea side...now we know what a cappuccino, hot chocolate, milkshakes and snacks are...but a cup of Slush anyone? Sounds horrible! 


Gift wrapping

We sent a package off to America today for our Brother (son, and grandson). But we wish that we had seen these lovely paper flowers made by Jurianne Matter. You can buy them from the Selvedge shop by clicking here
We just love the packaging and the fun things that you can do with the flowers....we want to buy some to make a head-piece with! 
They look pretty just as flowers in a vase as well...and you never have to worry about them wilting!
Or gorgeous party decorations! We want some now!

Country Life

Although we missing living in the city there are some things that we like about the countryside and heading out of the door with our camera is one of those things. We found this car hidden in a farm yard. We just love it but wish that it was ours to drive around in!
There is a local country show that takes place every year here. For one of the years we were asked to take photos of the show...some of them were very funny we thought! Not sure that the client agreed...but we liked them! 
This looked as if the goat was stopping to have a chat! 


A new craft magazine

We received a little card telling us about this new magazine which goes on sale today! We just wanted to blog about it as it made us very excited, and the by-line.."We believe that fabric makes you Happy" made us smile. You can read a sample of the magazine by clicking here.
Here are some more images for you to enjoy...and click here to go to Mollie Makes website. 

Have a lovely day...the sun is shining here!


The Royal Wedding

Thinking that we were going to play Baahumbug about the Royal Wedding we woke up that morning still thinking about Tim and thought that we should go out and have some fun instead. Our new mantra is "What would Tim do?" ..this has really helped us to get up in the morning and see the fun in the world. 
So we put on tights with little hearts on, a Rob Ryan skirt and pink heart shoes for the occasion. 
 We made rabbit shaped jelly (vegetarian versions) as Jelly is such a British favourite...well it was in the 1970-80's! 
It went down so well that one little girl who tried a couple of mouthfuls then ate the whole rabbit...eventually discarding the spoon and using her hands! Now that is how we think you should eat jelly!
Some people came dressed as Brides and a little cinema appeared in one of the lovely shops called Old Albion. 
The crowds were out in force in London and we all suddenly felt very proud to be British...how very un-British of us!
We noticed a picture of the Queen above the TV and she didn't seem very amused at all!
We tucked into good old British food of egg and chips outside in the sunshine.
Then the magic Canadian tea-lady turned up in celebration of all the things that she liked about the British which included, cream teas, tea-ladies, eccentricity, china tea cups and saucers, meringues and general silliness! 
She had been baking until 2am! Now that is what we call dedication  to the party! We loved that she had done this and caused hours of giggling and tea-party fun.
What a lovely cream tea we had.
But the star of the day had to be Queen Sharon from Old Albion who had us in stitches the whole time. We salute you!