Strange things

What a lovely weekend we have had. We hope that you did too. The sun was shining the beach wasn't too busy and one of the youngest of us had a friend from Bristol come and stay with her two boys. Children really do show the passing of time. The oldest was now much taller than his mother aged 12 and was already displaying the teenage sulks! So lots of entertaining distraction was the order if the day. But we got distracted ourselves when we saw these pears sat on the pavement early in the morning. We wondered how on earth they had got there and how surreal they looked on an empty bright morning! We have had lots of fun thinking up their story...
This was the other thing that we were wondering about at the sea side...now we know what a cappuccino, hot chocolate, milkshakes and snacks are...but a cup of Slush anyone? Sounds horrible! 

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