Gift wrapping

We sent a package off to America today for our Brother (son, and grandson). But we wish that we had seen these lovely paper flowers made by Jurianne Matter. You can buy them from the Selvedge shop by clicking here
We just love the packaging and the fun things that you can do with the flowers....we want to buy some to make a head-piece with! 
They look pretty just as flowers in a vase as well...and you never have to worry about them wilting!
Or gorgeous party decorations! We want some now!


HannahB said...

Hurray I found your blog! I've tried to click back here a couple of times to respond to comments but for some reason blogger wouldn't let me? Anyway- I'm glad I did, its so lovely that you are a daughter, mother and grandmother team!

I left a comment on my Eurovision post with recipe's, as requested!

Grace and Judy said...

Thanks Hannah...we can't wait to try your recipes! We have had some teething trouble with blogger comments, but glad to hear that it is working now! x