Rob Ryan appeal!

The lovely Rob Ryan -who I have been lucky enough to work with- is holding an appeal to help the people of Haiti. He has made a limited edition print and 100% of the profit goes to Haiti.

Each print is 54.3cm wide by 39cm high printed using water based inks onto Heritage Woodfree 315gsm paper which measures 68.5cm wide by 51cm high...and it costs you the bargain price of £186 per print!

Here is what it looks like.

This is what it reads: 

‘We are all part of each other and this is my promise, I won’t pass you by and I won’t ignore you and look the other way but I’ll help you build your nest again. This is my promise'

You can get to his shop here


Year of the Rabbit

Screen print by Idle Beats

We just love this screen print made in Shanghai. One of us is a Rabbit in the Chinese calendar...we will leave you guessing as to which one of us it is. Lets just say that we are hoping this year will be good to us.

Stunning inspiration

We saw this on Etsy...made by Katie Blair Designs. We just love this note book. For us blogs are our way of sharing the things that inspire us...but sometimes something as beautiful as this, is inspiration all on its own...what would you fill it with?


Knit a village

We love what these women have done! What dedication to knitting!

Each house we think would make a lovely tea cosy...what else can we say apart from enjoy the pictures. 

A new life for books

Falling into books
We have always loved old books but sometimes they get too old to be read anymore. The pages fray, they take on an elderly musty smell, but we can't bare to get rid of them. 

We discovered these artists who have given old books a new and fabulous life...so inspiring and a way to remind us that the oldest, worn out possessions can still be turned back into treasures. 

Turning the old inside out to make something wonderful