Life carries on

It is nearly a week since our friend Tim Hetherington died. It has made us look at everything in such a different light, as if we have been given new eyes to see with. 

Each meal we are thankful to be able to eat, each blue sky that we wake up and see we are grateful for, and finding the wild garlic uncurling from a long sleep on Monday, reminds us that life carries on...and so must we. 


Very sad that he has gone

We are very, very sad today. We heard that an old friend of ours, 
Tim Hetherington, had been killed in Libya while to was out there working as a photojournalist yesterday. We have known Tim for over 10 years. He was a caring, quiet and passionate man. Someone who really inspired you through his actions. He cared about the people that he photographed so much. Something that has sadly become less common amongst journalists today.

We spent yesterday in a daze when we heard the news and now the tears won't stop. We feel proud that he didn't waste one moment of his life, and if this is his last gift to us, then we have decided to make big changes and to try to help people as much as he did. At 41 he touched so many lives and we are sorry that we never told him how much he had inspired us when we had the chance. 

It seems weird to think that we were only talking to him a few months ago about his new film and trying to help him make some contacts. We leave you with something he said about his work in 2006, when he told an interviewer that he was interested in reaching TV audiences, academics and policy makers to gain maximum exposure for his subjects and effect change.

"For me, the utility of my work is very important. Where can we push documentary? Where can we put it? Because for me, that's what differentiates me from an artist." 

Here are some of his images:

Sleeping Soldier

Tim at work
We miss you


From Page To Screen Festival

We have been very quiet as we have been organising this festival. We showed 20 films over five days and our guest curator was Jonathan Coe, with guest speakers including Bill Forsyth, Kazuo Ishiguro, Nicholas Mosley, and Rowan Joffe

We will update again soon...but for now we need a really long sleep!


Win this car

We were looking at one of our favourite blogs (Kickcan and conkers) and saw that they were promoting a-give-away of this little tin car, for the on-line shop called WINTERS MOON. We hadn't heard of them before but are loving some of the things that they sell (see below). To be in with a chance of winning this little car, click here and follow the instructions on Kickcan and Conkers blog post. The deadline is April the 10th at 6pm CET. Good luck! 

We really WANT this footstool! 


We love these guys

Jolby is a collaborative design and illustration studio based in Portland, Oregon. Josh Kenyon & Colby Nichols began their partnership in 2005 after meeting at the Art Institute in San Diego. The two have exhibited their illustration work in galleries all over the world and work together as art directors as well. The magic of Jolby comes from Colby's artistic obsession with creatures and characters and Josh's love for color, pattern and texture. They try to achieve two goals within the work they create : "Tell a memorable story " and "make people smile."

We just love these guy's work. You can find more of their stuff on Etsy. Just click here. You can look at their website here and blog here
We have wanted to post more about what we have been up to, but haven't had the time at the moment. Just to say that the Guardian Review this weekend did a front cover and three pages inside about our project! You can read it here. We are VERY excited!