Amazing B and B

Husband and I decided to get away for a few days before I start on another feature film and will be away for 2 months. I was going to put us in a B and B in Fowey, Cornwall but there was no room as they had sailing events on. I then magically found this place a few miles away for the same price as a cheap b and b!

You had to walk over the bridge and babbling brooke to get into the floating house. 
It is an eco house which a 19 year old designed and then his family spent 2 years together building it. But what was even more amazing is that we found out that husband had worked with them before! So they came over one evening for a catch up, as our host was in fact the Aunt of the 19 year old designer!

We had a whole wing of the house to ourselves with bathroom, bedroom, living room and dining area! But the best bit was our own decking looking out into the woods.
Bedroom with a walk in closet.
They made all the fixtures and fittings as well!
Our lounge. 
Sliding doors into the rest of the house.
Their dining area.
View from the kitchen.
The cool kitchen island they made out of concrete for £70!!
And two happy cats who lounged about and looked into the fish pond. It felt like we were living in a Japanese temple. All the stresses went away and we floated home again.....and kind of want to keep this place a secret....but if you really want to know where it is leave me a comment and I will tell you. 


Barbara Hepworth Rocks!

A few weeks ago we went to St Ives to see the Barbara Hepworth exhibition which is held in her old studio. It is so fantastic to see her work in the space that it would have been created in.
You really felt as if she had just popped out for a cup of tea and would appear at any moment in her dust filled overalls.
My husband is not from an art background so I have to be very selective with what I take him to, as I don't want to put him off art, rather I want to get him excited by it. It is so interesting for me to hear his comments, as they aren't based in art theory or University training, just pure, gut reactions to pieces.
It was magically to hear him say that they were very much like Henry Moore sculptures which he is sure were inspired by the rock formations we had seen in The Peak district- a place where Henry Moore walked. How amazing is that! 
I quite liked the wire work, and it wasn't something that I was familiar with. In fact I would love to have a go at this medium for my own work.
We arrived with the smell of polish in the air. There were people up on ladders holding what looked like hairdryers, cleaning and polishing her work. 
We just loved the garden, which wasn't very big but she had made full use of it's size by creating pathways behind bushes etc which made you think that it was much bigger. I loved her little shed which I have read was her retreat.
Peering through the window it even had a little bed made up....just perfect!
Even her plants had rocks to keep them company that looked very much like her work....or something that had been collected from the beach. Truly inspiring.


Sorry I have been quiet

I have been quiet of late as I have been desperately looking for work. That should mean I have lots of time to blog, but my heart hasn't been in it. I have been worrying about money and the future. So here are some pics that I took over that time which looking back on them now, tell a story of how I was feeling. And funnily enough they look rather positive! I have just got a job (no money but a step up) producing my first music video...so hoping it will go well and lead to paid work. 
A delicious plate at FEAST in ilminster. The most fantastic vegetarian restaurant as seen on River Cottage. The cute white dog (above) is also from FEAST.
Lyme Regis bay with golden sand that was imported from France!
I love this hedge which is one a river walk near Lyme Regis.
A wonderful discovery! A cream tea on the tow path! Every English girl's dream!
Visting an elderly relative in Essex a family of ducks came into breakfast to say hello. 
Sushi and sweet smelling pinks. I love it.