Amazing B and B

Husband and I decided to get away for a few days before I start on another feature film and will be away for 2 months. I was going to put us in a B and B in Fowey, Cornwall but there was no room as they had sailing events on. I then magically found this place a few miles away for the same price as a cheap b and b!

You had to walk over the bridge and babbling brooke to get into the floating house. 
It is an eco house which a 19 year old designed and then his family spent 2 years together building it. But what was even more amazing is that we found out that husband had worked with them before! So they came over one evening for a catch up, as our host was in fact the Aunt of the 19 year old designer!

We had a whole wing of the house to ourselves with bathroom, bedroom, living room and dining area! But the best bit was our own decking looking out into the woods.
Bedroom with a walk in closet.
They made all the fixtures and fittings as well!
Our lounge. 
Sliding doors into the rest of the house.
Their dining area.
View from the kitchen.
The cool kitchen island they made out of concrete for £70!!
And two happy cats who lounged about and looked into the fish pond. It felt like we were living in a Japanese temple. All the stresses went away and we floated home again.....and kind of want to keep this place a secret....but if you really want to know where it is leave me a comment and I will tell you. 

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mark birbeck said...

That sure looks like a cool place. Came across your blog checking out Barebara Hepworth photographs. Well her and Julius Shulman. Nice pics. St Ives is a magical place and the Barbara Hepworth museum is just outstanding. I went to an exhibition at Abott Hall last week as there was a Barbara Hepworth exhibition there. It was brill. My intention now is to go to and visit her art gallery in Wakefield. Check out Julius Shulmans photography, you will see why I liked the place you stayed in. Cheers Mark from Bolton.