Trip to the sea side

We went on a little trip to the sea side the other day. It was a beautiful blue skied day, but cold and fresh. So with gloves, hats and scarfs wrapped around us we headed off to the beach in Dorset

The first time that we came to this beach we couldn't believe that it was England. The cliffs glow in the sunlight and are filled with fossils! The town West Bay is part of a World Heritage Site.

After our breeze walk we drove to Lyme Regis, but stopped at the Dorset Moores biscuit shop on the way. I just love the sign. 

I chose to buy these coffee sweets rather than biscuits from the Moores shop. That might seem strange, but I love coffee! Grace and Judy prefer tea. 

I just love the packaging!

So eating our goodies we went to Lyme Regis and visited the Town Mill Bakery. I was too excited by the cakes to take photos....only remembered after I had drunk my coffee and was about to tuck into this beautiful fairy cake! Yummy! So click here to see the Town Mill's own photos. 

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