It is one of our birthdays!

When she was tiny

We have been a little bad at blogging lately. The youngest one of us has a birthday today so she has been off roaming the countryside this weekend and being spoilt. (A post about that adventure to follow).

Years seem to fly by and you have to remind yourself of all the wonderful things that you have seen and been part of. Time stops for no man (or woman) and so this year on this special birthday (the first day of Spring no less!) we have decided to write a letter to ourselves 10 years into the future...

...what will we be 10 years from today? Where will we be in 2021? We have been thinking back to ourselves 10 years ago, and wondered what we would have said to reassure or guide our younger selves. 

So this time we have a creative chance to be a voice from the past to our future self....what would you tell yourself in 10 years time? We would love to hear what tips and wisdom you would like yourself to remember...

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