A delicious day

 Gorgeous coffee at the Pavilion cafe in Victoria Park near Mile End. I had a wonderful morning with one of our dear friends. As I was working on a shoot, I often don't get time to catch up with everyone when I am in town, so this was a real treat....and some of the best coffee I have tasted in London! 
 Look at the amazing breakfast. The choices were too good so I picked something that I wouldn't make at home...yummy!
The pavilion near by the cafe is breathtaking if you stand inside and look up. The salmon and turquoise I would have never thought of putting together but I absolutely love it! We felt like we had travelled to another land rather than East London!
All the poor narrow boats are being moved due to the Olympics. I know that there is divided feelings on the Olympics and I am on the side of 'wish it wasn't here'. All of theses people who have lived her for years I worry won't be allowed back to their moorings afterwards.
Before we left the park we noticed a strange thing sticking out of one of the trees...we debated that it might be poison darts from a strange East London tribe...or just mice practicing for the Olympic javelin contest! 

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