Making lavender bags

At the end of the summer last year I harvested lavender from the couple of plants that I have in the garden. It was something that Grace taught me to do. She used to have the most beautiful garden where she had planted for scent as well as colour. 
I didn't think that I would have a lot of lavender from two little plants. But once I had dried them, tied up in a paper bag, I was surprised at how much I had. 
I love keeping tiny scraps of fabric that inspire me. I wish that I had the patience to make a quilt, but I know that it isn't for me. What I love to do is a bit of hand sewing as I find it very therapeutic. So with scraps in hand I made some lavender bags for our draws, which I hope will keep the moths away this year. And failing that, they smell so delicious, at least I will feel relaxed if we have another moth invasion! 

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