Cushions galore

You might remember the tiny lavender bags that I made from some little sample scraps of fabric and lavender that I harvested from the garden last year. We decided that the fabric was so lovely that we ordered a meter of it to make cushions for the front room.
The fabric has been hand printed in India and the cotton is beautifully thick.
We only had some vintage zips to use so they were a bit wobbly-wobbly! With a bit of pursuading they were sewn into place.
 And to save time the edges were cut with pinking shears and then zig-zag stitched. We thought that as the cushion wasn't going to be worn like a top the inside didn't have to be finished perfectly!
The little grey cushion is one that we had bought from the shop where the fabric came from called Hand made interiors. You can find it on Cheshire Street off Brick Lane in London. 
We were really pleased with how they turned out...although our sofa looks purple not grey in this photo!

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