One night in Paris

I suddenly found myself having a 'dream job' moment when I was asked to deliver a feature film to Paris ready for the Cannes film festival. A hop onto the Euro Star, a night in a hotel and spending money! What more could a girl want?
 I was given a hotel in the 17e which I didn't know at all but would definitely recommend. I did a bit of research before I left and found out that there was a great Veggie cafe near by, places to buy cheese and wine and a type of Paris the tourists never see...

There was a wild carpet in my room! And I brushed up on the school girl french as the internet warned me I was going off track to where Paris doesn't speak much English. I loved it! Words came back and people didn't mind if you couldn't speak French brilliantly...lots of arm waving and mime actions!
The people were so lovely in fact, that one of them gave me an ice cream for free saying that I was 'Too much charm in one body". I think the yellow Orla Kiely suit I was wearing had something to do with it! 
Terrible picture of me but you can see the lovely suit!
Had a delicious Masala Dosa at an Indian near to the Gare Du Nord...my favourite!

The veggie cafe that I found was called Joy in Food. A huge plate of lovely goodness! And there was a 24 hour ambulance service a few doors away that had amazing paintings all around the windows that I suspect have been there for years...don't you just love her green bow?
 I wanted to move the bin...but now I quite like it in the photo!
 Little french man with a black Berri.  
 I adore the architecture of Paris, there really is no where else like it. 
Even the railway lines look beautiful.
Back on the train home with treats in my bag....
...french Elle Decoration, and a raspberry meringue,croissants,nut bread, wine and cheese...thank you Paris!

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