Exploring the South West

The trip started off with a visit to Feast in Ilminster. It is a place that I have been meaning to go to for a long time as it is a totally vegetarian cafe...but they don't like to shout about it. Which for me is a huge thumbs up as veggie cafes can often get a bad name as a 'knit your own yogurt' type of place. This was gorgeous and like a cafe in France with a sunny court yard. We were late for lunch so they gave us a share plate of left overs which was wonderful! And their coffee got 8 out of 10.
Then for a little walk around the town. There was were lots of charity shops but sadly all closed for the day..so will have to arrange another visit! We thought that this door with the Indian God was rather beautiful, and a good way to scare away door to door sales people! 
Then a quick drive over to West Bay where the wonderful Sladers Yard resides. Such a calming place full of wood, art and incredible furniture...although with prices seeming to start in the £1000, it is nice to look but not touch!
Even the washroom towel rail looked amazing! Want to try that at home with some scraps of wood.
I wish that I had written down who the artist was of these wolves. The movement and eyes really made you feel like you had stepped into a fairy tale. 

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